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Consumer electronics

Keywords: AR/VR, wearables, smart home


As wirelessly connected consumer electronics increase in complexity, they demand greater capacity and throughput for their short range connectivity. mmWave wireless technology is one solution to meet these rising connectivity demands. New antenna technology delivers high throughput, low-latency, beam-forthing that generates less interference, reduces calibration demands, optimizes energy efficiency, and maintains dynamism with the ability to reconfigure itself even whilst occupying only a tiny footprint. The result is, whether hand-held, placed against the user’s face or head, on constant video calls, and even for gaming on-the-go, the system will adapt and continue to provide the low latency and high throughput necessary for real-time AR/MR/VR, 3D gaming and similar demanding applications.

Why Unictron?

Unictron supplies high performance antennas to clients producing consumer electronics & hardware for a variety of applications. With the drive to further miniaturize next-generation healthcare sensors and wearables, new alternatives are entering the market that allow the chip antenna to be mounted directly above miniaturized printed circuit boards (PCBs) or alongside coin-cell batteries. Consumer products that could be improved by this development include an array of smart devices such as watches, clothing, eyeglasses, patches, pills, and even adhesive bandages. We currently feature SMT chip antennas which have successfully been implemented in the design of Bluetooth earphones.


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