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The world is trending in the direction of becoming increasingly wireless, portable and wearable. This impact could be huge for healthcare devices & biotech companies in terms of market entrance and ability to offer wearable medical monitors that could potentially gather & analyze large amounts of patient data through remote monitoring.

The healthcare technology sector has wide sweeping visions of researching & developing a new generation of wireless sensors that attach to the human body, presumably draw power from tiny integrated batteries and use radio waves to communicate with a receiver worn by the patient or portable from the hospital room. Outside the hospital, the information aggregated from the sensors could be relayed into a cellular network and automatically provide doctors and hospitals with updated patient information. These wireless sensors, also known as Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs), operate in a new spectrum up to 40 MHz in the 2360-2400 band which sits next to radio spectra used by Bluetooth and ZigBee technology.

Biomedical researchers are hopeful and continue to test, build and miniaturize wireless tools and sensors that could one day effectively monitor patient conditions remotely. However, current constraints include the design of effective epidermal antenna sensors which is challenging since its characteristics are directly affected by the human body tissue. RF engineers continue to research and experiment with various material thicknesses that can impact the gain, return loss, impendance matching, and size of the antenna for healthcare applications.

Why Unictron?

Unictron’s embedded, high performance antennas- such as flexible LTE/ wideband antennas- are popular solutions for healthcare applications. Another popular solution for dental applications is Unictron’s piezo ceramic elements which enable generation of stable and reliable ultrasonic vibration needed in dental scalers. Unictron is also able to provide structural design and assembly services of transducer heads to fit your dental scaler housing design choice.

Products featured

  • SCA series– Low profile SMT chip antennas that include combo GPS, WiFi dual and tri-band chips

**Marek to fill in how his European healthcare clients are applying our antennas for heartbeat monitors & body sensors

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