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Keywords: asset tracking, fleet management, logistics


In our modern era with increasingly complex business and consumer logistics, real-time tracking of fleets and assets for safety, visibility, efficiency and proof of delivery becomes key in streamlining operations and reducing costs. Live tracking of vehicles is making a huge difference in businesses all over the world. Instant updates on vehicle location helps the central management redirect vehicles that get lost in low service areas cutting mileage, saving time, optimizing fleet performance, and not running costs beyond what is necessary.

How does fleet management work?

With trackers and telematics boxes, businesses can measure distance of assets and fleets traveled or driven, manage fuel costs, track real-time driver safety, note if and when vehicles are spending more time loading and unloading at sites than expected, and account for timing when planning for a busy season.

Unictron’s antennas and GPS/GNSS components help customers create wireless solutions that offer their end customers efficiencies, such as:

  • Real-time GPS tracking makes it possible to monitor route progress to the second, offers visibility to delivery & shipment locations and increases customer satisfaction. Tracking also improves the proof of delivery process which saves on administrative workload and costs over time.
  • Security monitoring captures video footage of timeline of events, improves business & residential safety, and offers insights into accidents & accident prevention.
  • Plug-and-play means our components are simple to install and modify according to customer’s needs.


Unictron offers easy-to-install, robust, wireless solutions that operate via WiFi and other wireless protocols. Here are some of our popular products embedded in the aforementioned solutions-

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