EG-17BW Series

Product Name: EG-17BW-AS-A01

High-Accuracy GNSS Active Antenna
Geospatial Surveys
Single & Multiple Frequencies RTK positioning
Vehicle Tracking
Security Surveillance
Precise Guidance
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High-Accuracy GNSS Active Antenna

Substantial and environmental-resistance structure.
Proprietary antenna design provides the flexibility to reach a range of operational goals.
IP67 grade waterproof.
Supports GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou systems.
Multi-Constellation and Signal-Frequency for faster initialization.

Technical Briefs

Frequency- 1561 ±2.046/ 1575.42 ±1.023/ 1602 ±5/ 1227 ±11/ 1176.45 ±12
LNA Gain- 41/41/40//41/39dB
Noise Figure- 7.79/3.81/4.39/1.061.07dB
Dimensions (mm)- φ140(D) x 49(W)x 49(H)
Connector- TNC(SBJ)
Cable length- 3~5M

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