MT-15B-AS Series

Product Name: MT-15B-AS-B2L2W

5 Ports LTE/WiFi/GNSS Adhesive Mount Antenna
V2X Communication
IoT Application
Vending Machine Application
Total price: $54.00
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Adhesive Mount Low Profile Combination Antenna Solution

Product dimensions 170.34(L) x 70.34(W) x 15.4(T)
Unictron offers a powerful 6-in-1 combo antenna solution for V2X communications. The antenna consists of 2 LTE MIMO, 2 WiFi MIMO and 1 GNSS antenna element. Customizable cable assemblies & connectors by specific request (contact sales).

Dims: 170.34(L) x 70.34(W) x 15.4(T)
Support Bands: 2*LTE MIMO, 698-960/1710-2690/3300-3800MHz
1*GNSS, Beidou(1561MHz)/GPS(1575.42MHz)/GLOASS(1602MHz)
2*WiFi MIMO, 2400-2500/5150-5850MHz
Efficiency: LTE, low frequency 39%, high frequency 46%
WiFi, 52%
Gain: LTE, 2dBi
GNSS, 27dBi
WiFi, 5.3dBi
Waterproof Resistant: IP67
Cable Recommend: LTE, 5 meters SN-200 Low Loss Coaxial Cable (dia. 4.95mm)
GNSS, 5 meters H100 Low Loss Coaxial Cable (dia. 2.9mm)
WiFi, 5 meters SN-200 Low Loss Coaxial Cable (dia. 4.95mm)
Connector: LTE, SMA Male
WiFi, SMA Male Reverse Pin
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
RoHS Compliant
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